Google Professional Data Engineer Practice Exams – JULY 2022

Attend this GCP Data Engineer Practice Certification Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

Prepare Google Professional Data Engineer certification

Get ready to pass the Google Professional Data Engineer exam

Test your knowledge in Google Professional Data Engineer

Full coverage of the Google Professional Data Engineer certification

You may master the Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam by taking three practice exams with scenarios linked to the GCP’s Data Engineering component.

  • Prepare for the Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam by doing some research.
  • Make sure you are completely ready for the test.
  • Only show up for these exams when you feel prepared to take them.

Topics covered in the exams –

  • Storage – BigQuery, BigTable, Spanner, Cloud DataStore, Cloud Storage etc.
  • Processing – DataProc, DataFlow, Spark, Beam etc.
  • Analysis – BigQuery, Hive etc.
  • Visualization – DataStudio
  • Ingestion – Cloud Pub/Sub, Kafka etc.
  • Modeling – ML APIs, ML Concepts, AI Platform, Accelerator, Troubleshooting etc.
  • Misc – Dataprep, Data Catalog, Auto Scaling, Stackdriver, IAM etc


This course is for evaluating your readiness for the actual exam, not for serving as a dump for that exam.

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What can a data engineer certification do for you? Data engineers are always in demand, and certified ones are among the highest-paid certified specialists. Data engineers are skilled in a wide range of areas, including the design of systems that can ingest massive volumes of data, cost-effectively store data, and effectively process and analyze data using technologies like machine learning and reporting. You can demonstrate that you have the know-how and abilities to create, optimize, and monitor high-performance data engineering systems by earning a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification.

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