Google Cloud (GCP) MasterClass 2024 : GCP for Beginner – Pro

Google Cloud (GCP) Mastery: Learn GCP Essentials, Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI. Google Cloud Platform Hands-On Learning


Welcome to the ultimate Google Cloud Platform (GCP) MasterClass of 2023! Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through the cloud? If you’ve ever wanted to harness the full potential of Google Cloud, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this course is your golden ticket to becoming a GCP virtuoso.

What you can expect from this comprehensive Google Cloud (GCP) MasterClass:

Section 1: Introduction

  • Get Started with GCP
  • Navigate the Course Structure
  • Ace the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam
  • Join Our Community
  • Engage in Student and Tech Community Chat

Section 2: Introducing Google Cloud Platform

  • Dive into the Google Cloud Platform
  • Demystifying Cloud Computing
  • Explore GCP Services
  • Journey through Google’s Network Infrastructure
  • Uncover GCP Regions & Zones
  • Master GCP’s User-Friendly Pricing

Section 3: Google Cloud Account Setup

  • Set Up Your Free Tier GCP Account
  • Navigate the Google Cloud Web Console
  • Bonus: Discover the World of Jenkins
  • Get Hands-On with Google Cloud Shell
  • Demo Time: Google Cloud Shell
  • Explore the Google Marketplace
  • Dive into the Marketplace with Deployment Manager
  • Quiz 1: Test Your Knowledge of GCP Hierarchy

Section 4: Google Cloud Compute Engine

  • Let’s Begin with Compute Engine
  • Master the Google Compute Engine
  • Lab: Create Your Own Virtual Machine
  • Modify Running Compute Engines
  • Create Custom Machines in GCP
  • Kickstart Tomcat with Startup Scripts
  • Access Source Code Repositories
  • Get Command Line Savvy
  • Dive into Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Discover Docker & Kubernetes
  • Embrace Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Get Hands-On with Google Kubernetes Engine Labs
  • More Google Kubernetes Engine Labs
  • Navigate Google Kubernetes Lab with Text
  • Explore App Engine in Google Cloud
  • Uncover the App Engine Standard Environment
  • Embrace the App Engine Flexible Environment
  • Weighing Standard vs. Flexible Environments

Section 5: Disks on Google Compute Engine

  • Dive into Disks in Compute Engine
  • Hands-On with Disk I – V
  • Unlock the World of Snapshots
  • Dive into Snapshot Hands-On

Section 7: Google Cloud Storage

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Storage
  • Explore Your Storage Options
  • Uncover Cloud Storage in GCP
  • Get Hands-On with Cloud Storage
  • Lab: Work with Cloud Storage Buckets
  • Create Buckets & Data Using CLI
  • Execute Applications and Create Data in Cloud Storage
  • Navigate Transfer Services in GCP
  • Lab: Master Transfer Services
  • Set Up Cloud Storage for CLI
  • Explore Custom Encryption Keys
  • Set Up Custom Encryption Keys in Cloud Storage

Section 8: Managed Database Service in GCP

  • Manage Databases with Expertise

Section 9: Architect Relational Databases in GCP

  • Understand Cloud SQL & Cloud Spanner
  • Lab: Create Your Cloud SQL DB
  • Execute Actions on Cloud SQL DB
  • Master Bulk Load in Cloud SQL DB
  • Delve into Cloud Spanner

Section 10: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network in GCP

  • Introduction to VPC in GCP
  • Explore Global Networks and Subnets
  • Role of IP Addresses in GCP
  • Distribute VPC IPs
  • Demystify Routes in VPC
  • Dive into Firewalls in VPC
  • Master Firewall Rules and Logging
  • Lab: Network Firewalls in GCP
  • Navigate VPC Networks in GCP
  • Interconnect Networks in GCP
  • Lab: Cloud VPN & VPN Tunnels
  • Configure Cloud VPN & VPN Tunnels
  • Understand the Role of Cloud Routers
  • Lab: Master Cloud Routers for Routing
  • Shared VPC in GCP

Section 11: Instance Management & Load Balancing in GCP

  • Introduction to Instance Management
  • Explore Instance Templates
  • Lab: Create Instance Templates & Instances
  • Dive into Instance Groups
  • Lab: Manage Instance Groups
  • Get Help with Load Balancers
  • Navigate Load Balancers in GCP
  • Dive into HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancers
  • Explore the Components of HTTPS Load Balancers
  • Lab: Master HTTPS Load Balancing
  • Bonus: Unlock Kubernetes MasterClass

Section 12: Google Cloud CDN

  • Understand Google Cloud CDN Concepts

Section 13: Google Cloud Monitoring and Logging

  • Introduction to StackDriver
  • Master StackDriver Monitoring Concepts
  • Explore StackDriver Logging Concepts
  • Lab: Monitor with StackDriver
  • Get Alerts with StackDriver Monitoring
  • Get Hands-On with Deployment Manager
  • Lab: Deploy with Deployment Manager
  • Update Deployment Manager
  • Dive into Deployment Manager with Text

Section 14: Google Cloud Access and Identity Management

  • Familiarize with Cloud IAM
  • Understand Cloud IAM Members
  • Explore Cloud IAM Roles
  • Dive into Cloud IAM Policies
  • Discover Cloud IAM Service Accounts
  • Demo: Navigate Service Accounts
  • Master Cloud IAM Best Practices
  • Lab: Master Cloud IAM

Section 15: Google Virtual Machines and Images

  • Introduction to Virtual Machines
  • Discover Live Migration in GCP
  • Explore GCP VM Types
  • Lab: Play with GCP VM Types
  • Understand Billing Models for Machine Types
  • Dive into Google Images
  • Lab: Create Custom Images
  • Compare Custom Images vs. Start-Up Scripts

Section 16: Compute Services Overview

  • Decide Where to Run Your Application
  • Make Informed Choices for Application Deployment

Section 17: Google Cloud BigTable

  • Introduction to Google Cloud BigTable
  • Dive into BigTable Model & Architecture
  • Discover Columnar Databases
  • Uncover BigTable Performance

Section 18: Google Cloud DataStore

  • Explore DataStore Introduction & Applications
  • Compare Firestore Native vs. DataStore Mode

Section 19: Google Cloud BigQuery

  • Introduction to BigQuery
  • Explore BigQuery Applications
  • Dive into BigQuery Case Studies
  • Lab: Handle CSV Data in BigQuery
  • Lab: Play with JSON Data in BigQuery
  • Lab: Practice Data Sets in BigQuery
  • Lab: Use BigQuery via CLI

Section 20: DataFlow in Google Cloud

  • Introduction to DataFlow
  • Dive into Apache Beam
  • Lab: Run Python DataFlow
  • Lab: Run DataFlow with Java

Section 21: DataProc in Google Cloud

  • Introduction to DataProc
  • Lab: Create DataProc Clusters
  • Lab: Access DataProc from Local/Cloud Machines
  • Lab: Run PySpark Jobs on DataProc
  • Lab: Provision DataProc Clusters with Command Line
  • Configure DataProc Clusters with Text

Section 22: Pub/Sub for Data Streaming in Google Cloud

  • Explore Pub/Sub Introduction and Applications
  • Lab: Work with Pub/Sub
  • Lab: Use Pub/Sub via CLI
  • Lab: Set Up Pub/Sub with Python
  • Configure Pub/Sub with Text

Section 23: GCP Professional Cloud Architect

  • Discover the Role of a Google Cloud Architect
  • Explore the GCP Professional Architect Exam

Section 24: Cloud Resource Manager

  • Management Services in GCP
  • Uncover the GCP Resource Hierarchy
  • Demo: Project ID & Project Name
  • Labels in GCP
  • Demo: Mastering Labels
  • Get Acquainted with Resource Quotas
  • Demo: Resource Quotas

Section 25: Concept of GCP Billing

  • Billing Overview in GCP
  • Demo: Explore Billing
  • Demo: Export Billing and BigQuery Results

Section 26: Operations in GCP

  • Explore GCP Operations
  • Dive into Cloud Logging
  • Hands-On Cloud Logging I
  • Hands-On Cloud Logging II
  • Get Started with Cloud Monitoring
  • Demo: Cloud Monitoring
  • More Monitoring Demos
  • Trace | Error Reporting | Debug Tools
  • Demo: Trace | Error Reporting | Debug Tools
  • More Debugging Tools

Section 27: Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data Lifecycle

  • Google’s Big Data Services I
  • Google’s Big Data Services II
  • Explore the Data Lifecycle

Section 28: Planning Your Cloud Transition

  • Make the Case for Cloud and GCP
  • Optimize Your Costs
  • Architect Cloud Applications

Section 29: Migrating to Google Cloud

  • Plan a Successful Cloud Migration
  • More Migration Planning
  • Master Storage Transfer Service
  • Best Practices for Data Migration

Section 30: Resilient Cloud Solution Infrastructure

  • Disaster Recovery of Applications
  • Explore Backup and Recovery Methods

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Who this course is for:

  • You want to start your Cloud Journey with Google Cloud Platform
  • You want to become a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

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