Comprehensive Preparation Guide for the AZ-303 Exam

Your Ultimate Guide to Achieving Azure Architect Certification: AZ-303 Exam with 100+ Questions.


Hi dears, Welcome to our Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Preparation test based course.

This course(Tests) is designed to prepare candidates for the Microsoft AZ-303 exam, focusing specifically on designing solutions for identity and security in Azure. The course covers key concepts, principles, and best practices related to Azure Active Directory (AAD) design and implementation, identity and access management (IAM), Azure Security Center configuration and monitoring, role-based access control (RBAC), privileged identity management (PIM), Azure Key Vault for secure key management, and designing for compliance and governance.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the principles of Azure Active Directory (AAD) design and implementation.
  2. Learn about identity and access management (IAM) principles and best practices in Azure.
  3. Explore Azure Security Center configuration and monitoring capabilities for enhancing security posture.
  4. Understand role-based access control (RBAC) and privileged identity management (PIM) in Azure.
  5. Learn how to leverage Azure Key Vault for secure key management and secrets storage.
  6. Gain insights into designing for compliance and governance in Azure, including regulatory requirements and industry standards.

This is an MCQ and Fill in the Blank questions related test with clear explanations. You can have a clear testing experience by taking this test.

Main Categories based on Following,

  • Test 01 & 02 Are common practice question. in this practice you get questions in all of the sections.
  • Test 03: Designing for Identity and Security: Azure Active Directory (AAD) design and implementation. Identity and access management (IAM) principles. Azure Security Center configuration and monitoring. Role-based access control (RBAC) and privileged identity management (PIM). Azure Key Vault for secure key management. Designing for compliance and governance.
  • Test 04: Designing a Data Platform Solution: Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB design and implementation. Data storage options such as Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, and Azure Disk Storage. Azure Data Factory for data integration and ETL processes. Designing for scalability, availability, and disaster recovery. Data encryption and data masking strategies. Data governance and data lifecycle management.
  • Test 05: Designing for Infrastructure and Networking: Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) and Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets design and deployment. Azure Networking services such as Azure Virtual Network, Azure VPN Gateway, and Azure ExpressRoute. Azure Load Balancer and Azure Application Gateway for traffic distribution. Designing hybrid connectivity solutions for on-premises and cloud environments. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates for infrastructure as code (IaC). Designing for high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery.

And we will add more test in future continuously.

end of this course don’t forget to download your certificate.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me

Who this course is for:

  • Senior technical people with exposure to Azure
  • Those interested in passing the Azure AZ-303 test
  • Technical architects who want to learn more about designing for the cloud

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