Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Advance with Example

Microsoft Excel Basic to Advance, Learn A to Z, Office 365/2023, 2010, 2013, 2016, Excel 2019, Zero to Hero guide


In this course you are going to learn, daily excel equations which are widely used in daily life with short cut. No prior knowledge is required. We have taken example to teach easily so one can learn from basic with example. Example here taken to send email to the specific person directly from excel by using one button and navigating to the outlook in easy way.

You are going to learn

1. Basic excel equations widely used in

2. Hands on experience to the excel with understanding of basic and widely use shortcuts

3. Analytical dashboard creation – Pie chart, Bar chart

4. Data filtration, Border, Sr No., Format Painter

5. Email shooting by using VBA from excel to specific users from outlook using single button

6. Codes used in VBA

7. Data Validation – Drop Down List creation

8. IF, Nested if, if(And) command as a equation

9. Use of Conditional Formatting with Example

10. Remove Duplicates value in Excel

11. Linking from excel to mail (You can shoot mail by clicking button from excel directly)

12. Bar Chart, Pie Chart Creation – Dashboard

13. Understanding of VLOOKUP

14. Index – Match equation for arranging and fetching right data

15. Data Filter – Analyze data

16. Password Protected Mail shooting directly from excel

17. And many more new things covered

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to the excel
  • College students
  • To become expert in data analytics by using excel
  • Who wants to learn excel from basic, and want to become expert
  • Want to understand the real life corporate situation and solve from the basic
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