CompTIA Security+ :Viruses,Threats and Compromise Indicators

CompTIA Security+ :Viruses,Threats and Compromise Indicators

Clear and Concise

What you’ll learn

  • Different kind of viruses

  • How malware affects the devices

  • Crypto Malwares and ransomwares

  • Indicators of compromose
  • Basic Understanding of computers and IT

You will discover and understand what viruses and worms are and how they can infect Systems and Networks. You’ll study their nature, how they function, and their impact.

You will also spend time going through discussions on varieties of each, along with some real life examples.

Refine your understanding of viruses and worms to better your system.

The knowledge you gain here will prepare you to be a more effective network administrator.

Furthermore, the topics covered here will help with preparing you for security certification exams offered by EC-Council, CompTIA Security+, and Linux.

Who this course is for:
  • All students looking to learn about viruses and their behaviours
  • Students preparing for CompTIA Security+ Certification
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