Learn Wireshark in a practical way

Learn Wireshark in a practical way

with real life examples and already captured files included to analyze traffic and to check for malicious or NOT

What you’ll learn

  • you will use WireShark easily

  • you will know how hackers thinks

  • you will know if this software is malicious , bad , spy on you or not
  • Internet connection and a Computer

So you think you are safe on the internet or you think by using legitimate software you are on the right side ,well NO ! …


in this course you will handle all the details that will make a pro out of you know what to do and what is going on 

you will analyze all the traffic from your browsers , games , programs , applications and services like DNS … etc

you will determine if this software is malicious or not

you will monitor your whole network so no intruders will be in 

So what are you waiting for ENROLL NOW !

Who this course is for:
  • people who want to know how computers comunicate with each others
  • people who want to analyze traffic like a pro
  • people who want to work in goverment or security field ( IMPORTANT !!! )


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