AWS Fargate & ECS – Masterclass | Microservices, Docker, CFN

AWS Fargate & ECS – Masterclass | Microservices, Docker, CFN

Learn ECR, AppMesh, X-Ray, ALB, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CloudMap, CFN, Docker and Microservices Deployments

What you’ll learn

  • You will slowly start by learning Docker Fundamentals and move on to ECS or Fargate.

  • You will learn Docker fundamentals by implementing usecases like download image from Docker Hub and run on local desktop and build an image locally, test and push to Docker Hub.

  • You will master the Elastic Container Service core concepts like Task Definition, Task and Service.

  • You will learn using ECR – Elastic Container Registry in combination with ECS.

  • You will learn Docker Image Build, Push to ECR, run it as Task on ECS or Fargate Clusters.

  • You will learn usage of Application Load Balancers in combination with ECS Tasks (Containers) and also implement URI based routing on ALB.

  • You will understand and implement Service Autoscaling concepts of ECS

  • You will implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery concepts using AWS Developer Tools like CodeBuild, CodeCommit and CodePipeline.

  • You will learn to master microservices deployments on ECS in combination with AWS CloudMap (for Service Discovery) and with AWS App Mesh (Service Mesh).

  • You will learn to deploy Microservices Canary Deployments using AWS App Mesh.

  • You will write CloudFormation Templates for Fargate Deployments starting from Network stack (VPC) to Service Stack (ECS or Fargate).

  • You will learn to implement Distributed Tracing using X-Ray without making any application level code changes when AWS App Mesh (Envoy Proxy) is in place with ECS Deployments.
  • You must have an AWS account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You dont need to have any basic Docker knowledge also to start this course. As part of Docker Fundamentals we have covered that too.

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on AWS Fargate & ECS – Masterclass | Microservices, Docker, CloudFormation.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Course Modules

  1. Fargate & ECS – First Steps

  2. Docker Fundamentals

  3. Fargate and ECS Fundamentals

  4. ECR – Elastic Container Registry

  5. Load Balancing & Service Autoscaling

  6. Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

  7. Microservices Deployment without Service Discovery

  8. Microservices Deployment with Service Discovery

  9. Microservices Deployment with AWS App Mesh and X-Ray

  10. Microservices Canary Deployments with AWS App Mesh

  11. CloudFormation for Fargate Deployments

Each of my courses come with

  • Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

  • Real Implementation Experience

  • Friendly Support in the Q&A section

  • 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

Who this course is for:
  • AWS Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Elastic Container Service (ECS) for Docker deployments.
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning Docker fundamentals and moving on to master Docker Container deployments on AWS Cloud.
  • Technologists who want to implement Continuous Integration and Continuos Delivery/Deployment process (CI/CD) in AWS with Docker Container Images.


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