Complete Beginner Yoga Course

Complete Beginner Yoga Course

Practice Yoga Everyday

What you’ll learn

  • Simple and Basic Asanas

  • Yoga

  • Breathing, Sitting and Standing Postures

  • Yoga Stretches

  • Improve Flexibility
  • None

As the course is for beginners, the course is designed to be simple to follow.

The areas forced on is basic flexibility around hip, hamstrings, thoracic, back body and shoulders.

Episode 1. Seated stretching:- this episode is for the overall body. Mainly focused on shoulders and abdominal area. This can be practised by old people and pregnant women (with certain modifications and keeping the body limitations).

Episode 2. Core strength:- this episode is particularly helpful for improving the strength around the abdomen area. This is for people who have obesity issues and low metabolism, irritable bowl syndrome weak back or hips.

Episode 3. Suryanamaskara:- This episode is on Shivanandha and Ashtanga suryanamaskara A and B. If one is extremely busy and doesn’t have time for full practice then doing 12 rounds to 18 rounds of suryanamaskara pumps the cardiovascular muscles and burns the calories which help to improve flexibility and also helps to burn fat.

Episode 4. Standing stretches and Forward folds:- this episode helps you to understand the connection between your feet and ground. In this episode, it covers basic balancing and forward stretching, which is focused on improving the digestive areas and relieves tension and stress, stimulates circulation.

Episode 5. Backbends:- open your heart.

This episode is largely focused on upper thoracic, shoulder blades, spine, legs, opening in your hip joints. It calms the brain, treats fear, anxiety and depression. Stretches and strengthens the neck and back.

How to get started?


Yes, Breathing in and Breathing out.

With proper breathing, one can get the maximum benefits of the posture/asana.

Breathing helps to go beyond the limits of flexibility but also helps to concentrate.


Sitting with an observant and unbiased mind, one will learn to Surrender the ego and embrace the acceptance of who we are and what are our limits.

Each physical poses (asanas) will give you an opportunity to heal the body and train the mind.

Focus on your body, know your limits. If you are sensing pain in any joints of your body apart from muscular stretching pain while doing a particular pose take a step back and set your alignments and work on your basics.

Don’t push too hard, don’t beat yourself which also means don’t stop trying.

Asanas need to be practised on an empty stomach or 2 to 3 hours of gap after your meal, preferably in the morning.

What do I need?

You. Your commitment and time. If you can block 30 to 45 minutes three times a week. You will be rewarded with benefits worth larger than the paltry investment.

What else do I need to get started?

Nothing else really. However, it would help you can buy

  1. Yoga Mat.

  2. Comfortable clothes.

  3. Yoga Bricks (optional)

  4. Belt /towel. (optional)

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn yoga

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