Accelerate Learning with Sketchnoting and Visual Thinking.

Learn more and faster than your peers! Enhance Memory by 75% backed by Scientific Research on Visual learning.


Sketch Noting is the easiest and most effective way of getting information into our brains.

75% of the brain is designed to process information through images. We retain concepts, connect ideas and reach higher understanding of the situation by using images.

Sketch Noting is an effective method for business meetings, trainings and presentations to boost creativity and capture ideas visually. It makes memory easy, fun and long lasting. With Sketch Noting, we can retain concepts, connect ideas, see opportunities or reach higher understanding of the situation.

Sketching involves all of the major cognitive processes, including perception, memory, attention and reasoning. This means that drawing also helps build these skills so that they’re easier to use when taking notes in class or studying for an exam. -It allows you to record information in a way that’s easier for your brain to process.

With Sketchnoting, you can make your business presentation, start up funding more persuasive with drawings and doodles -Drawings can help you make your business presentation more compelling and persuasive.

When you present a slide with an image or sketch, it’s easier for people in the audience to remember what you said than if they just see text on a screen.

You can use drawings and doodles to illustrate key points in your presentation or explain difficult ideas that might be hard to grasp through just words alone.

Drawings and doodles can help you make a more persuasive case for your business.

When you’re presenting to investors, it’s important to explain how your product or service will benefit your customers.

  1. It makes information more accessible and memorable.
  2. It helps improve your writing skills.

3. It requires more effort than just taking notes, so it makes you pay more attention to what’s being said.

4. Sketch notes help you discover connections between ideas that you might not have seen before.

5. It helps boost creativity and problem-solving skills because drawing forces us to think in new ways about topics we already know well.

Takeaway: Consider them for yourself or your students. Sometimes the notes are much better than the lessons themselves!

Who this course is for:

  • Business professionals who need to give Trainings and Presentations during a meeting or conference.
  • This method is useful for Start Up Founders because it’s easy to apply in a wide range of situations like Pitching and Presentations.
  • Students in school, college and university. Students will benefit most from this method of learning because it’s easy to understand.
  • Visuals can also help you tell a story about your business or product; using drawings in conjunction with text creates an engaging visual narrative that will appeal to potential investors or customers. -Drawings can help you get your point across more clearly.

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