Oxford Diploma: Death, Grief and Healing (Short Course)

Fully Accredited short course in Death, Grief and Healing


New lectures added in April 2024.


New: A workbook has been added to this course that covers the whole of September 2023 and beyond.

This course is about Death, Grief and Healing. It includes the PWR approach, the Mellet approach and the Platinum Rule as well as standard modules about Grief, it’s manifestation and impact.

There are four unique features to this course:

1. The reference to very very (2024) current events which makes this a very up to date course

2. The deliberate attempt to encourage student involvement in the Q/A

3. Different approaches – PWR, Platinum Rule – that may not be found in other courses

4. The use of paintings from Art Therapy students to illustrate Grief

This course includes a GRIEF HANDBOOK.

So there are now two workbooks/handbooks with the course. The newest one *(added 3rd September 2023) contains activities for every single day of September PLUS work beyond. Of course, as with any course, the lectures and the workbooks are optional BUT completion of this course (including workbooks) gives you the Oxford Diploma as testimony to your achievements. No other Instructors can give this Diploma as it is given by a third party: The Oxford School of Learning.

The more you participate in the Q/A, the more you will get out of this course.

Who this course is for:

  • All students who want a course where they can get involved…participate in Q/A
  • Students who want Instructor interaction
  • Students who want ‘extras’ detailed Announcements, Workbooks, Updated lectures…
  • Anyone who wants to promote healing after grief and bereavement

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