Build your own virtual CCNA lab network – without emulators

LABS for CCNA/CCNP included. Learn how to easily create your own cloud of Ciscorouters, using free demo versions of IOS.


Labs included for CCNA and CCNP.

Note: this course is unique on Udemy (and probably on most of the rest of the Internet as well). If you’re the least interested in networking, you will benefit greatly from this course.

The usual options today only take you so far. Emulator software such as the routers in Cisco Packet Tracer lack many of the functions and commands needed for CCNA certification, and they lack a Lot of functions and technologies for CCNP or CCIE.

And GNS3 is a cheap-quality product with a difficult user interface, and it requires a Cisco contract for access to router images. Our solution is built on a top-rated, commercial-grade hypervisor (ESXi) and free demo versions of the Cisco routing software.

In this course you will learn how to create a lab network using (demo) versions of the real Cisco IOS and IOS XR routing software, which contain support for all advanced routing technologies, including BGP and MPLS.

All you need is this course and free (or very low cost) software and equipment, like an old left-over computer and some applications.

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FREE PREVIEW: Introduction

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0. Preparations

Preparations: Creating an IP address plan

Preparations: Designing the network

1. Installation

Obtain and download the system

Prepare the installation media

Access the BIOS setup and change the boot order

Install, configure and access the hypervisor

2. Using the platform

Basic initial configuration of the hypervisor

Installing your first virtual machine

Getting a Windows license key

Installing a Windows virtual machine [FAILED attempt]

Successfully installing a Windows virtual machine

Configure IP addresses for the VMs

Configure Linux services

3. Setting up the virtual routers

Creating network topology diagrams

Link networks and vlans

Installing virtual IOS routers

Virtual serial console connections

Updating our network topology diagram

Installing the Cisco IOS XRv 9000

Setting up the rest of the routers

FREE PREVIEW: OSPF and remote syslogging

Backing up the config

Remote administration

4. LABS for CCNA and CCNP

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for people who want to learn practical networking, but don’t have access to real routers

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