VALORANT : Play like an expert

VALORANT : Play like an expert

play like a pro

What you’ll learn

  • All about VALORANT
  • Master the mechanics of movement and gun control
  • Explore ways to create your own game strategies
  • Cultivate a process-oriented attitude to foster consistent improvement
  • Take responsibility for your own success in-game!
  • learn about agents,maps,game modes
  • Reflect on your own play in order to practice and develop your skills
  • Master late game and clutching concepts
  • Excel at early round planning for every Agent in different modes and in different maps


  • No Prerequisites required .

Who this course is for:

  • VALORANT players who are familiar with the game, but want to take their play to the next level.
  • VALORANT players interested in learning key concepts, strategies, and practice tips from a pro.
  • Gamers


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