Think On Purpose and get what you want in life…..

Learn about yourself to detect and remove the obstacles in your life


This program is an introduction to personal development. You will be given tools and practical ideas on how you can begin the journey to a more meaningful life. You will learn about the mind and human being in general, and you will get a broader understanding of why we do as we do, and why we often don ́t do the things we should do. You will get an idea of why some people are poor while other people are very wealthy. It ́s all in the mind.

For people who are new to personal growth, it can be a little tough to begin with, because growth is all about pushing boundaries. Many things that we believe is in a certain way, will be questioned along the journey of personal growth. To grow on a mental level also means that it is required to step out of the known territory (the comfort zone) and to enter the “growth zone”. To cross that line will often cause discomfort, fear and maybe even anxiety. That ́s the reason so many people stay stuck in the comfort zone and not getting very far in life.

The Golden Nugget of this program is that you will learn a lot about yourself. It is my intention to nugde you to view your whole life from a different angle. That way you will be able to see things that were not in your sight before.

Who this course is for:

  • This program is intended for those who find themselves stuck in life. People who want more success in all areas of life. It is also for you who want a broader understandig of how the mind works.
  • If you are living day by day on autopilot, this program is for you. It will probably wake you up to see all the possibilties that are surrounding you.

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