Terraform with AWS – Zero to Hero

Terraform with AWS – Zero to Hero


What you’ll learn

  • You will become expert inTerraform and master AWS services , Excel more in your career or get a quick entry to Cloud industry

  • Longest & Indepth Course for Terraform , Real project labs dealing with highly available and scalable AWS resources including Loadbalancer , Autoscaling Groups

  • Serverless AWS servies – Lambda , API Gateway

  • Create VPC , Public and Private Subnets , Security Groups . NAT/Route Tables , Internet Gateways

  • AWS and Terraform Best Practices
  • If you are a beginner or learn AWS and Terraform from scratch , this course will be ideal one for you.
  • I have made this course in mind that a new comer who has zero experience in aws and terraform can also follow and become an expert.

Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools available in the market. It supports multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP , Alibaba to mention a few. This makes it one of the very important tools to have hands-on for DevOps, Software , Test Engineers to master Terraform and AWS when you are working on projects with cloud solutions.In this course you master the key AWS services like VPC , EC2 , Subnets , Internet Gateway , Route Tables , Cloudwatch. With Terraform you can manage all popular resources in AWS. Terraform Development Community is huge which makes it easier and faster to bring new features. You will also learn how to use the serverless services like Lambda , API Gateway , DynamoDB , S3 bucket etc. I have put great effort in clearing the fundamentals and going step by step so that the concepts are simple to you

Who this course is for:
  • Whoever want to know about AWS and Terraform and apply for jobs requiring these skills or who already working in the projects but needs to improve their skills


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