Sexual Harassment Training for Employees in the Workplace

Learn about sexual harassment in the workplace and the ways to identify, report, and prevent it.


Why should you attend?

Training all employees to understand, prevent and deal with workplace situations is nothing less than essential. Instead of allowing inappropriate conduct to lower employee morale and productivity, organizations should foster a positive and respectful work environment that will help all employees thrive.

Who should attend?

· This training is essential for all employees in an organization.

Learning objectives

· Identify and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

· Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches

· Encourage a better workplace culture

· Protect the organization’s reputation

· Ensure that employees are aware of their compliance responsibilities

Educational Approach

· This training takes a modern approach to sexual harassment training

· Classes are illustrated with practical questions and examples

· Classes include examples and real case discussions


· A desire to make your organization better equipped to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

Table Of contents

·Identify the Types of Sexual Harassment

·Sexual Harassment Explained

·How to Spot Inappropriate Physical Conduct

·Identify Inappropriate Communication

·Know Possible Retributions After Reporting an Incident

·Do your Part to Prevent Sexual Harassment

·Dodge Visuals that are Offensive

·Identify the Effects of Sexual Harassment

·Understand Sexual Harassment Laws and Common Myths

·Processes for Reporting Sexual Harassment

·React to Sexual Harassment

·Know your Rights

·Steps to take after a Sexual Harassment Incident

Who this course is for:

  • Any employee in an organization

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