Sales Funnel & Customer Journey Map for Digital Marketing

Sales Funnel & Customer Journey Map for Digital Marketing

learn customer personna and customer value journey, how to move customers through sales funnel

What you’ll learn

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Customer Value Journey

  • How to lead customer through sales funnel

  • How to create customer profile for digital marketing

  • fundamentals of marketing
  • this is Beginer course, anyone interested in digital marketing can join

Digital world is ever evolving and marketing in this digital world can be highly complex. Understanding this complex world and getting started in digital marketing can be very difficult for non-technical sales professional, single business owners and marketers.

This course is designed keeping in mind those budding marketers, traditional sales professionals, business operation and small business owners to help them navigate this complex digital world. Even though you may not be responsible for digital marketing, understanding fundamentals nevertheless may go a long way in successfully running the business.

This class was recorded live while explaining digital marketing concepts to a team of traditional sales and marketing professionals. Since it was live you may hear some disturbance due to their questions (i have not edited them out to keep originality)

In this two hour class (first session) we discussed following topics.

1. Fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing

2. Tools that can be used in digital marketing and some brief.

3. Foundation of marketing – customer persona and consumer journey.

4. how to navigate through sales funnel using different tools.

5. We will discuss more details on those tools how to use them in future sessions.

if you have any questions / feedback, you are free to let us know.

Who this course is for:
  • Small Business owners
  • budding digital marketing students
  • traditional marketers and sales professionals
  • operation staff to understand digital strategies for career development

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