SAFe Lean Portfolio Management 6.0 (LPM) Essential Guide

Agile Leadership Excellence: Scaling Success with Lean Portfolio Management Strategies, Tips and Innovation, Exam Prep.


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Welcome to “Mastering Lean Portfolio Management: A Comprehensive Guide to SAFe LPM Certification and Agile Transformation.”

This dynamic course is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), achieve SAFe LPM certification, and lead successful Agile transformations within organizations.

Throughout the course, participants will gain a deep understanding of Lean Portfolio Management, exploring its principles, key concepts, and essential components. We’ll delve into the role of a Lean Portfolio Manager, elucidating the responsibilities and skills required to navigate the complexities of portfolio management in an Agile environment.

As we progress, the course will unveil the intricacies of implementing Lean Portfolio Management, emphasizing the cultivation of a Lean-Agile mindset and the strategic execution of portfolio visions. Participants will learn to navigate Agile Program Portfolio Management and understand how to effectively align portfolio initiatives with organizational goals.

SAFe LPM techniques and tools are a focal point, covering value stream identification, epic and capabilities prioritization, as well as the application of Lean budgets and guardrails. Governance and compliance within LPM, including risk management and decision-making, will be thoroughly explored to ensure participants can maintain a balance between agility and regulatory requirements.

Scaling principles and frameworks form a critical part of this course, guiding participants through the challenges and solutions involved in scaling Lean Portfolio Management. The journey continues with a focus on metrics and continuous improvement, exploring performance metrics, feedback loops, and methods for measuring portfolio health.

The course will also address the leadership aspects of Lean-Agile transformation, instilling the skills necessary to create a culture of innovation and lead change effectively within an organization. Stakeholder engagement, collaboration strategies, and conflict resolution techniques will be covered to enhance communication and teamwork.

In essence, this course is a holistic guide to Lean Portfolio Management, providing participants with the tools, techniques, and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of Agile transformations.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the field, “Mastering Lean Portfolio Management” is your gateway to becoming a strategic leader capable of driving success in today’s dynamic business environment.

I hope to see you in this “Certified SAFe Lean Portfolio Management 6.0 (LPM)” journey.

Thank you

Who this course is for:

  • Agile Practitioners: Individuals with a background in Agile methodologies seeking to expand their knowledge and skills to the portfolio management level.
  • Portfolio Managers: Professionals responsible for portfolio management who want to integrate Lean and Agile principles into their practices for greater efficiency and adaptability.
  • Project Managers: Those with project management experience looking to elevate their skills to the portfolio level and align projects with organizational strategy.
  • Executives and Leaders: Senior executives, leaders, and decision-makers interested in fostering an Agile mindset within their organizations and driving successful Agile transformations.
  • Product Managers: Individuals involved in product management who want to align their product strategies with Lean and Agile principles at the portfolio level.
  • Business Analysts: Business analysts seeking to understand how Lean Portfolio Management can enhance their role in shaping and prioritizing initiatives.
  • Transformation Leaders: Change agents and transformation leaders aiming to implement Lean-Agile practices at the portfolio level for organizational agility.
  • Consultants: Management consultants looking to deepen their expertise in Lean Portfolio Management to better serve their clients.
  • IT Managers: IT professionals and managers interested in adopting Lean and Agile practices to optimize IT portfolios and align them with business objectives.
  • Anyone Involved in Strategic Planning: Professionals involved in strategic planning, as the course provides insights into crafting and executing strategic visions in alignment with Lean and Agile principles.
  • Whether you are a seasoned professional or relatively new to Lean and Agile practices, this course provides a comprehensive and structured learning experience to help you navigate the complexities of Lean Portfolio Management and contribute to the success of Agile transformations within your organization.

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