Learn from a 30+ Year Data Expert

What you’ll learn

  • How to use PowerPivot from a 30+ year Data Analysis professional. You will go from Beginner to Advanced
  • Get familiar with the Excel Data Model and learn fundamental Data Modelling concepts
  • Understand how to load data into the Data Model from a variety of sources, such as Excel Tables, External Databases and much more
  • Learn how to use Pivot Tables in conjunction with PowerPivot including set up of Relationships
  • What are measures and why they are so fundamental to PowerPivot and how to add implicit or explicit measures such as Autosum
  • Working with Iterator functions such as TOPN and REATEDTABLE
  • The importance of Hierarchies in a Pivot Table: Drill paths, Related columns and best practices with Hierarchies
  • How to best leverage PowerPivot’s Calculation Engine using Data Analytics Expressions (DAX)
  • Advanced data manipulation with the use of Context and Filter functions
  • Use Time-Intelligence functions to manipulate data using time periods, such as days, months, quarters and years compare calculations over those periods


  • A copy of Excel 365,2019, 2016, 2013 or for 2010 you will need the PowerPivot Add in
  • An intermediate skill level with Excel, be able to do Analysis with VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIF/COUNTIF and a good understanding of Pivot Tables
Who this course is for:
  • The more Advanced Excel user, Analyst or even Accountant who needs to be able to deal with many sources of data or high volumes of data without resorting to a database


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