Power Query

Power Query

Gather, Cleanse & Transform Your Data

What you’ll learn

  • Complete Mastery of Power Query
  • Introduction to getting data from various sources and cleaning it up
  • Rapidly transpose, pivot and un-pivot your data to make it useful
  • How you can quickly combine multiple data sets by appending and joining
  • Speed up your data queries with duplication and tweaking parameters
  • Troubleshoot your queries and set up auto refreshing of your data


  • You need to have an intermediate level of skill with Excel and be comfortable with Data Analysis techniqes including Pivot Tables, SUMIF/COUNTIF formulas, sorting and filtering
  • Access to Excel 219 (365) or 2016, 213, 2010, 2007
Who this course is for:
  • This is great for Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, MI Analysts, Project Managers, PMOs and even Accountants (Including Finance Partners & Financial Controllers)who deal with lots of complex data


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