Positive Psychology For Positive Thinking In Life

Overcoming Negative Thinking for Greater Happiness And Positive Thinking Using Positive Psychology And Mindfulness

Myths About Thinking

What Triggers Negative Thinking

Link Between Thought Feelings And Emotions

Basic Introduction Of Brain

How Brain Adds To Problem Of Negative Thinking

Exercise, Food And Sleep Role In Clear Thinking

How To Overcome Negative Thinking

Most people never reach their full potential as they are limited by their minds

They were probably never taught that they had the power to modify any aspect of their personality, including their intelligence, talent, and abilities.

They remain bounded within their negative thinking patterns.

At times this negative thinking can spiral out of control,  when dealing with life’s challenges. This course is essential if you want overcome negative thinking, increase your emotional resiliency, and create magic in your family, life, and profession.

In this course I will give you tips to help you think more positively in any situation and tips to aid you in helping others with their positive thinking. After all, who wants to have a bunch of negative thinking people around us.

Join me in this course, it’s only 120 minute course, where we will take a look at how thinking  effects different aspects of our  life.

In this course you will learn about

How thoughts and emotion work

How to train the monkey mind and stop negative thinking

Myths about thinking

What triggers negative thinking

Link between thoughts feeling and emotions

How your beliefs add to negative thinking

Basic introduction of brain

How brain adds to problem of negative thing

Exercise, food and sleep role in clear thinking

How to use cognitive reframing technique in life

How to overcome negative thinking

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