C Language || Matrix in C Language

C Language || Matrix in C Language


Have you never programmed a computer before, and think or have been told that C is a good programming language to get started with.

Maybe you have some experience with other programming languages, but want to learn C.

Or perhaps you are stuck in a low paying programming job, and want to move up to a better, more senior position. Learning C can help you!
The fact is, learning how to program in C is not only an excellent programming language to get started with, but it will also make you a better programming in other computer languages!

What is C Programming Langauge?

C is a general-purpose programming language that is extremely popular, simple, and flexible to use. It is a structured programming language that is machine-independent and extensively used to write various applications, Operating Systems like Windows, and many other complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and more.

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to become a C developers
  • Who wants to learn the basics and good programming practices
  • Firmware developers who want to improve their knowledge of the C language
  • Who wants to program thinking closely with bare metal
  • Who wants to know more details on low-level things

What are the advantages of C language?

1. It is easy to understand

2. Presence of many Libraries

3. Easy to write

4. Low cost

5. Fast execution speed

6. Portable

7. Easy debugging

8. Procedure Oriented Language

9. Speed of Compilation

10. Execution of algorithms and data structures

11. Dynamic memory allocation

C Projects For Beginners

Simple Calculator

Student Record management system


Mini project for phone book

Unit converter project

Who this course is for:

  • This Courses Who are Learing Programming Language And Wanna To Be A Programmer

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