Machine Learning and BIG Data Analytics on Microsoft AZURE

Machine Learning and BIG Data Analytics on Microsoft AZURE

HDInsight|Spark|Jupyter|Zappelin|Stream Analytics|Lake Analytics|DataBricks|ChatBot|QnAMaker|LUIS|Facebookbot|Translate

What you’ll learn

  • Echo Bot

  • Facebook Chat bot

  • Question and Answer Maker

  • LUIS(Language Understanding)

  • Text Analytics

  • Detecting Language

  • Analyze image and video

  • Recognition handwritten from text

  • Generate Thumbnail

  • Content Moderator

  • Custom Vision

  • Translate

  • Simple chatbot integrate in HTML websites

  • In this course we would explore various Big Data Analytics services available on Microsoft Azure cloud.

  • We would learn HDInsight, Apache Spark, Jupyter, Zappelin, Stream Analytics.
  • You should have a Facebook business page
  • You should have Microsoft Azure account
  • A basic understanding of Data Analytics concepts would be more than sufficient, however it is not required to begin with this course.
  • Basic knowledge of web development
  • Minimal level of Azure Services

This course is all about learning various cloud Analytics and Machine Learning options available on Microsoft AZURE cloud platform. We will explore following Data Analytics services-

HDInsight, Apache Spark, Jupyter, Zappelin, and Stream Analytics.

We would be creating resources for Stream Analytics, Spark, HDInsight exploring options. We would be learning all the Analytics services with some use cases.

Machine learning and cloud computing are trending domains and also have lot of job opportunities, if you have interest in machine learning as well as cloud computing then this course for you. This course will let you use your machine learning skills deploy in cloud. There are various cloud platform but only few are popular like Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix and GCP.

Microsoft Azure a cloud platform where we will going to deploy machine learning skills.

You will be learning following topics of Machine Learning on Azure.

  1. Simple chatbot integrate in HTML websites

  2. Echo Bot

  3. Facebook Chat bot

  4. Question and Answer Maker

  5. LUIS(Language Understanding)

  6. Text Analytics

  7. Detecting Language

  8. Analyze image and video

  9. Recognition handwritten from text

  10. Generate Thumbnail

  11. Content Moderator

  12. Translate and many more things


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who would be interested to learn Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure.
  • Would be interested in learning various Big Data Analytics services and options available on Microsoft Azure.
  • Want to make a career in Cloud Computing and Data Analytics.
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