Learn Complete Angular Components from A to Hero

Learn Complete Angular Components from A to Hero

The most comprehensive Angular Components

What you’ll learn

  • Build Angular components with the same quality of those from other Angular based frameworks like Ionic or Angular Material

  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript

  • Basic knowledge of Javascript ES6
  • Basic knowledge of Angular

The most advanced course on Angular components and start NOW to improve your skills!

This course will take you through the whole complexity of Angular components, starting with the most basic level, and reaching the most advanced cases.

From using Inputs and Outputs, to communication between transcluded components and generating components dynamically. This course covers all component related aspects you need to learn in order to master Angular as a professional.

Some of the topics that you will learn through the course, are:

  • Angular components lifecycle

  • Communication between parent and children components, in both directions

  • Template Reference Variables

  • Component architectures

  • Observables & AsyncPipe

  • View style’s encapsulation

  • Change detection strategies

  • Content projection (transclusion)

  • Platform Agnostic Rendering

  • Dynamic Components

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with basic knowledge of Angular and willing to dig deeper.


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