Learn Complete AngularJS & Angular Forms| Course Certified

Learn Complete AngularJS & Angular Forms| Course Certified

Specially designed course for developers who want to learn AngularJS

What you’ll learn

  • Create light weight web applications using AngularJS

  • Learn what routing is and why it’s so important in Angular apps

  • Become fluent in AngularJS terminology, such as dependency injection, services, directives, transclusion, and more.
  • Any text editor can be used to follow along and build AngularJS code.

AngularJS continues to trend upward in the number of available jobs (which typically pay quite well) and the number of applications being built. So what is AngularJS and why is it so popular? And more importantly – why should take the time to learn it?

In a nutshell, AngularJS is a robust Single Page Application (SPA) framework that can be used to build dynamic, client-centric applications that can run in desktop browsers as well as on phones and tablets. You can use AngularJS to build multi-screen applications that perform much like a desktop application but can be viewed and interacted with using a normal browser.

In this Angular Forms tutorial you will learn how to implement both simple and complex forms in Angular, by using two different form building mechanisms: Template Driven and Reactive Forms. You will learn how to use each separately by using them to build the same form.

You will learn when to use each form type and why. You will also learn how form development can benefit tremendously from using functional reactive programming techniques, and how Angular model driven forms make that easier than ever. You will learn how the reactive forms API exposes RxJs Observables that can be leveraged to implement these functional reactive techniques.

Who this course is for:
  • Web developers and designers looking to learn AngularJS
  • Developers and designers who have used jQuery but are tired of doing everything manually


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