Leadership Skills Training: Is Leadership for Me?

A millennial guide to insights for determining if leadership is for you


Throughout all sectors of leadership, millennials are educated, efficient and transforming leadership. In this course I will walk you some key insight and perspectives to help you determine if leadership is the right choice of you.

Throughout the years I have seen so many leaders waste their time by not doing the interpersonal work to determine if leadership was the best fit for them. Subsequently causing them to harm the growth of others who support them and leaving various sectors all together.

Through clearly explained videos and downloadable materials I will walk you through step by step how to understand the nuances of leadership and insights you would consider before making the leap into leadership roles.

Built on 10+ Years of Leadership & More than 1000 hours of research

In this course you’ll gain more of an understanding about yourself and if leadership is in your future (It’s not a bad thing if it’s not, better to now know that later!)

  • Learn how to determine if leadership is for you
  • Learn how to determine if leadership is NOT for you
  • Explore the fundamental principles and practices of effective leadership
  • Learn strategies to obtain your first leadership role.

Leadership isn’t easy or the best fit for everyone, but if you enjoy coaching, training and relationship-building this is the career track for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Millennials who have a have a desire to learn more about leadership in general
  • Millennials who desire to become leaders within a company or organization
  • If you have no interest in any form of leadership, then this is not the course for you

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