ISSMP – Information Systems Security Management Professional

Mastering Information Security Leadership: Strategies and Insights for Advanced Security Management Professionals


Course Overview:
The ISSMP course is meticulously structured to equip experienced information security professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage an organization’s security efforts effectively. It’s ideal for those seeking to assume higher-level roles such as Information Security Managers, Chief Information Security Officers, and IT Directors.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Organizational Security Management: Learn to develop, implement, and oversee comprehensive information security policies and frameworks tailored to an organization’s needs.
  2. Risk Management: Master the art of identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks while maintaining business objectives.
  3. Regulatory Compliance and Legal Issues: Gain insights into legal implications, compliance standards, and best practices in global information security.
  4. Incident Management and Response: Develop skills to manage and respond to security breaches effectively, minimizing impact and guiding recovery.
  5. Security Architecture and Models: Understand and apply sophisticated security architectures and models to protect information assets.
  6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Learn to design and implement robust business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
  7. Leadership and Strategic Management: Enhance leadership skills, focusing on strategic planning, team management, and effective communication within an organization.

Target Audience:

This course is targeted at professionals with a background in information security, such as Information Security Managers, CISOs, IT Managers, Risk Management Professionals, and Compliance and Security Auditors. A foundational understanding of information security and relevant work experience, including a CISSP certification, is recommended for participants.

Course Format and Materials:

The course is delivered through a mix of real-world case studies, and a series of challenging questions and tests aimed at preparing participants for the ISSMP certification exam. Course materials include comprehensive notes, practice questions, and additional resources for in-depth study.


Can I take the practice test more than once?

You can take each practical test multiple times.

What result is required?

The required grade for each practice test is 70% correct answers.

What is the time limit for one exam?

The time for each exam is 180 minutes.

Can I see my answers?

You can review all the answers for completing a given test.
Are there explanations for the answers?

There is a view of full explanations for each of the answers, both correct and incorrect.


Upon completion, participants will be thoroughly prepared for the ISSMP certification exam. They will possess advanced skills in security management and leadership, ready to take on senior roles in guiding and protecting an organization’s information assets.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals responsible for overseeing and managing an organization’s information security program will find the ISSMP course highly relevant. It provides advanced knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and lead security teams and initiatives.
  • Senior-level executives who define the strategic direction of an organization’s cybersecurity policies and procedures will benefit from the strategic management insights and leadership skills developed in the ISSMP course.
  • Those in managerial positions within IT departments, who need to understand the broader implications of information security within the organizational context, will find the ISSMP course aligns well with their professional development needs.
  • Individuals specializing in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks to information security will benefit from the course’s focus on risk management and business continuity.
  • Professionals responsible for ensuring that information security measures comply with regulatory and legal requirements will gain valuable insights from the ISSMP’s emphasis on compliance, legal issues, and security governance.

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