her body language

her body language

body language

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the body language of a woman

  • Knowing the feelings that women hide

  • How to take advantage of body language in dealing with the opposite sex

  • Knowing the woman’s sexual gestures

  • Seating Positions

  • Leg Signals

  • Head Signals

  • Eye Glasses signals

  • Body Pointing

  • Body Lowering and Status

  • Seating Arrangements

  • The Magic of Smile and Laughter

  • Hand Shakes

  • How to Read Men’s Body Language for Flirting

  • How to Read Women’s Body Language for Flirting

  • applying body language in job interview

  • deceptionsrevealedthroughbodylanguage

  • body language blunders

  • How to Gain Control of Your Emotions

  • How to Understand Your Emotions

  • How to Read Emotion

  • How to Read an Ex’s Body Language
  • be able to use english language

Misunderstandings between a man and a woman can be avoided in many cases if you know the “body language” of each other. Now you have an opportunity to become acquainted with some peculiarities concerning the sexual behavior of women and men. This information will help you in all situations when it is necessary to communicate with the opposite sex – at work or on a romantic date.

Who this course is for:
  • People interested in studying body language
  • everybody
  • men
  • Ladies
  • employess
  • marketers
  • sellers
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