Cybersecurity Fundamentals Explained with Brian Mackay

Audio course. From the basics to more advanced principles of cybersecurity


My name is Brian Mackay and I am a Cybersecurity professional, in 2019, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity and Advanced Digital Forensics from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. I currently work as a Cybersecurity consultant with the Scotcoin Project CIC since my University days in 2016. I have worked in the IT industry since 1997 when I worked as a first-line support analyst at BT Internet helpdesk in Thurso, Caithness in the far north of Scotland. My main aim is to pass on my knowledge to students who wish to learn about cybersecurity and go on to get a well-paid job in the IT industry. I believe that organisations must embrace a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that considers the ever-changing nature of the threat landscape. New threats to security crop up all the time, and artificial intelligence is changing how we think about it. The advent of quantum cryptography has also changed things. The processing power of computers is miles faster than it used to be and can crack passwords much quicker. The issue of cybersecurity is of paramount importance in the digital age. With near-continuous revelations about incidents and breaches in the media, businesses and individuals are faced with the challenge of finding the right balance between risk, innovation and cost.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are interested in Cybersecurity and working in that industry.
  • This course will give you a good grounding in the core principles

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