Chill my lifestyle! Master your stress management like a pro

Chill my lifestyle! Master your stress management like a pro

Defeat your anxiety and anger & improve your focus, productivity and time management without meditation or mindfulness

What you’ll learn

  • Understand that stress is a physiological reaction on stressors
  • Know how to use the coping technique when you’re under stress
  • Be able to prioritize your stressors by the help of the lock technique
  • Get scientific proof how proper breathing impacts on our health
  • Get lots of practical tipps how to implement abdominal breathing in your daily life
  • See how optimal abdominal breathing looks like
  • Get a demo how biofeedback training improves your breathing quality
  • Get scientific evidence what good sleep quality really means
  • Understand daylight, exercise and nutrition as basic requirements
  • Get the basics on how to improve your sleep quality
  • Understand sleep as a very dynamic process
  • Know the difference between good and bad sleep quality
  • Learn more about the 3 reasons why we don’t take breaks
  • Understand why it makes sense to work in blocks
  • Know that an effective break is always about focussing on something
  • Get an idea how to implement a powernap in your daily life
  • Get scientific evidence on the positive effect of powerbreaks
  • Get 3 hacks to stimulate your nervous system instantly
  • Be able to improve the flexibility of your fascia system from home
  • See the impact of proper recovery
  • Understand how dangerous sport can be without recovery
  • Get the main criteria to find your ideal sport intensity
  • Understand why sport without recovery doesn’t make any sense
  • Understand why sport is the best way to neutralize your stress hormones
  • Understand why you utterly have to plan your sports activities
  • Understand how the brain and gut choose our food
  • Understand 3 ways how to get control of your brain and gut
  • Understand why supplements and vitamins are completely underestimated
  • Get 9 ideas on how to build great daily routines
  • Find effective routines for your daily life
  • Know how to implement routines in your daily life
  • Understand your mindset as a shield against stress
  • Understand the dimension of our thoughts on stress
  • Understand the difference between our inner and outer world


  • No special requirements needed

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody who wants to reduce stress
  • Everybody who’s looking for practical ideas to reduce stress
  • Everybody who is interested in the scientific insights of heart rate variability

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