Biostatistics – Self Assessment & Learning Exam

Biostatistics Lead Practice Exam – Validate your knowledge as per the trends in research in life sciences industry


In this exam, you will be assessed on your knowledge of Biostatistics and its application in medical and life sciences. The contents of the Biostatistics/clinical research are purely the Biostatistics contents. This exam is based on the courses and training programs that are being taught in every biological and medical science college. This course of Biostatistics – Self Assessment * Learning Exam is highly demanded in the life sciences fields where research method exists. All the branches of science are nothing without the application of statistics. Therefore statistics in conducting research in the life sciences industry is usually terms as Biostatistics.


The learners will be assessed on the following important areas of Biostatistics:

• Research planning

-Research question

-Hypothesis definition


-Experimental design

-Data collection

• Analysis and data interpretation

-Descriptive Tools

-Inferential Statistics

• Statistical considerations

Power and statistical error


Multiple testing

• Model selection criteria

Developments and Big Data

Use in high-throughput data


Food for Thought

Be Familiar with the Biostatistics knowledge that you hold…

If you think you are an expert in Biostatistics after taking courses on the subject and working with it…

You need to hold on!

Join this exam and self-assess yourself!

Maybe you need to learn and learn…

Or you can prove your knowledge and expertise by completing this exam.

Both ways, you are in a win-win situation.


Certification: Udemy does not provide certification for exams; they only do in the case of Video Courses. But the great news here is, we have empowered our paid students to have a certificate once they qualify by 80% in the exams. It is a manual process in which learners are requested to submit evidence of qualification and apply for the certificate. The certificates are issued at the end of a month.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals who are involved in research in academic research or research in pharmaceutical and medical devices industry
  • Beginners who want to make a play a part in life sciences research programs with the help of Biostatistics knowledge
  • Professionals in research organization in the life sciences industry
  • Beginners who want to conduct research on the basis of Biostatistics

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