Manifest Your Vision for a Dream Life

Have a vision that flows to you with ease


Dream BIG!

It’s time to dream big and let your true potential shine.

Did you know that you have the power to create a whole new life for yourself, with a dream business, dram relationship, dream goals, abundance, success and all that good stuff.

The problem is in your energy.

Your energy within you will either feed your brain, joy and compassion, or feed your brain fear and disempowerment. The choice is yours.

Inside this course you will learn the power of manifestation, and create your vision for empowered success in life and business.

By accessing this course, you are choosing to absorb knowledge and embrace a new future for yourself, and those around you.

Doing the work in this course you are a beacon of light and change maker with a ripple effect of impact.

The thought of change can be exciting, scary and overwhelming, but in this course, you will learn how to make it easier.

Your instructors for this course, Vicki Chisholm and Wendy Turner, both of which are highly sought out transformation coaches – Advanced Accredited EFT Practitioners and Mentors, alongside a whole host of other modalities in their tool boxes.

We can’t wait to welcome you into this course, and support you to create the change you seek!

Please do utilise the Q&A Section as much as possible. The more support you ask for, the more we can help you get unstuck!

See you on the inside,

Vicki Chisholm – Transformation / Law of Attraction Coach & Wendy Turner – Vision & Energy Coach

Who this course is for:

  • You to finally change the story of disempowerment
  • You who wants to be able to know what you want
  • You who wants to create a vision and manifest it
  • You who is stuck in the motions of manifesting desires

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