All you need to know about Jugular venous pulse

All you need to know about Jugular venous pulse

Explanations on anatomical, clinical aspects of jugular venous pulse.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand venous neck pulsations better
  • Basic knowledge of neck anatomy

The course will help you understand the basic anatomical aspects and clinical aspects which are important when examining jugular venous pulse in the bedside. The course has 5 short lectures. The first on anatomy explains the core knowledge required to visualize jugular venous pulse. The second explains the principles you need to follow when examining the jugular venous pulse. The third explains the reason for different wave forms in jugular venous pulse. The fourth and fifth explains the important clinical concepts you should remember when attempting to differentiate jugular venous pulse from external jugular pulsation and carotid pulsation. Descriptive images and videos to clarify the doubts expected at the bedside.

Who this course is for:
  • Medical student or nursing student or doctor
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