Understanding Trans* and Gender Diverse Youth

Understanding Trans* and Gender Diverse Youth

for parents and educators

What you’ll learn

  • Identify key issues faced by transgender and gender non-conforming youth

  • Synthesize the basic transition procedures

  • Analyze the legal statues of Title IX to address gender-based harassment and discrimination

  • Apply best practices for inclusion and support for youth
  • None

This course is available for CEUs and graduate credit!  Please ask for more details. 

Transgender and gender diverse people generally feel that their anatomy (sex) doesn’t match how they feel on the inside (gender).  Issues central to our community include: 

  • sex-segregated facilities

  • records and privacy

  • harassment, violence, and self-harm

As young people, we may present unique challenges for our parents, teachers, counselors, healthcare providers, coaches, principals, and school boards. However, after years of activism, research, and education, many state and federal policies include guidelines to overcome these challenges, and this course will give you the tools to support and include us in your home, schools, or service. 

In this interactive course, Understanding Trans* and Gender Diverse Youth, we will answer many questions you probably have about the transgender and gender diverse community.  You’ll get an insider’s perspective on the transgender experience as we explore biology and society through: 

  • instructor-led video lectures

  • vignettes of “lived experience”

  • documentaries, movies, and video clips

  • peer-reviewed papers and social media

  • lively, interactive discussions (asynchronous)

Who this course is for:
  • parents
  • teachers
  • aides
  • substitute teachers
  • coaches
  • school nurses
  • guidance counselors
  • principals
  • school board members
  • healthcare providers
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