Why not help prevent a stroke and/or a heart attack?

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Why not help prevent a stroke and/or a heart attack?

Prevent a stroke; stop a heart attack from happening,

What you’ll learn

  • Know about the impact of alcohol on stroke risk – save lives!
  • Whether a small amount of alcohol can be good for you
  • How to reduce drinking but not be a party pooper!
  • At holiday time the risk of strokes increase; this course will help prevent you becoming a victim
  • Whether statins are likely to help – or harm (one person’s view)
  • How to prevent a heart attack
  • Hundreds of ways to reduce stress

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for the IDEAL Christmas gift for their family
  • Those looking forward to Christmas but worried about the health implications of days of feasting and drinking
  • Those worried about a relative who does not appear to be looking after their health
  • Everyone – because anyone anywhere, can get a stroke!
  • Anyone who ‘overdoes it’ at Christmas


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