What we can learn from cinema/theatre about depression

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What we can learn from cinema/theatre about depression

Depression relief: discuss; watch; apply.

What you’ll learn

  • Recognise signs of depression and be able to evade it
  • Know how to help others avoid depression
  • How depression is linked to decluttering (clutter)
  • The clutter-depression-anxiety cycle
  • How cinema visits reduce depression
  • The impact of horror films on depression
  • How the performing arts benefit mental health


  • Self awareness. By participating, you gain. If you don’t then this course offers little…
  • Patience! I ask questions and I hope you will have a go at answering.
  • Time. To do this course properly will take longer than just the playing time
  • Access to a pen and paper to take notes/jot down ideas
  • At least Beginner’s level English
  • An interest in films/theatre. There are many examples in this course

Who this course is for:

  • People who like cinema
  • People who like theatre
  • People who want to help others avoid depression
  • People who want to escape depression
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