Waacking for Beginners

Waacking by House of Suraj


Waacking emerged through the art form of street dancing in the LGBTQR clubs of Los Angeles during the 1970’s disco era, Waacking was originally called Garbo as dancers performed pretentious theatrical postures or characteristics of famous actresses that were 40 years old like Greta Garbo. Learn the basics techniques of Ballet with the renowned House of Suraj. Also get to learn two waacking choreos!

Founded in 2014, Mumbai India. House of Suraj is an international dance collective of film, television & social media stars under the direction of Kumari Suraj. The House of Suraj are known for Waacking, All Styles & Bollywaack; fusing the queer vintage dance of Waacking with traditional Indian dances. The members work on both community & commercial levels promoting the queer dance culture of Waacking in India. Leading to a huge waacking population boom in India. House of Suraj, made huge strides for WOMxN FEMpowerment & the LGBTQ awareness in India by making top 8 on the #1 hit dance reality series, Dance Plus Season 3. Dazzling the global Indian audience of 1 billion viewers in 150+ countries. House of Suraj, received critical acclaim from Bollywood’s A-list stars such as: Shah Rukh Khan, Remo DSouza, Govinda, Jacqueline Fernandez, Farah Khan, Prabu Deva, Kangana Ranaut. Bollywaack has become a massive trend in the commercial industry, music videos, films & dance institutions the world over!

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginner in waacking
  • Someone who knows other styles of dance but wants to learn waacking
  • Someone who has tried learning waacking earlier but got lost in the vastness and discontinued

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