Vision Statement Course: Find Your Purpose & Your Calling

Journey into a place of self-discovery & create clarity, alignment & consistency for your life purpose, goals & dreams


Working a lot, or working hard doesn’t necessarily mean that you have purpose, or that you know where you’re going. Having a clear vision gives you your true north, so you’re staying on track amidst the major distractions life throws at you.

Some of us have been stuck in cycles that we can’t get out of…

Maybe you feel something’s missing from your life but you don’t know what? Or, you’re unclear about what you really want?

Maybe you’ve been working your butt off and making progress but you’re not sure what your overall vision for your life is, or you’re looking for greater meaning?

Tapping into your life’s purpose, your vision for yourself, your goals and dreams can feel very daunting and too big an ask to do on your own—

there’s not enough time in the day;

even if I understand what I want I won’t know or have the ability to reach it;

dreaming too big is living in illusion;

I don’t like writing;

I’ll wait for the new year…

Put aside all of your excuses and participate in our vision statement course where we’ll guide you through a simple process of visualization and realization to access your vision and purpose—discover your calling through your inner knowing.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are looking for their calling or purpose in life
  • Those who are feeling called but are lost or unsure of their next steps
  • Folks who are feeling confused and desire a True North
  • Anyone looking for deeper meaning in life
  • Individuals going through life transitions

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