Understanding Medications and Therapeutics

Understanding Medications and Therapeutics

Helping you build the best foundation to truly understand medications and develop clinical reasoning skills

What you’ll learn

  • Start developing your problem solving and clinical reasoning skills

  • Truly enjoy creating the best foundation for a career in health care

  • Streamline your studies by understanding and picturing how medications work

  • Quickly and easily identify 42 of the top 200 most prescribed medications

  • Learn safety strategies that can be applied to all medications and disorders

  • Apply information about medications to make it easier to understand and remember
  • A basic understanding of the normal function of the human body (human physiology) will be helpful

This course is aimed at streamlining your work, ultimately making it much easier for you to become a competent health care worker. You will learn how to quickly identify 42 of the top 200 medications, picture how medications work, develop safe practice, and develop clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills. With the best foundation in health care, you will have fewer limitations.

Who this course is for:
  • Nursing and allied health students
  • Nurses and allied health care workers
  • Students considering a career in medicine or healthcare in the future
  • Family member who wants to help understand the medication being taken
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