Types of Indirect Project Processes

Indirect Project Process


It is a part of the indirect cost that may or may not be, and is known to a higher level in management. It has the provision of temporal and material claims and various solutions to resolve disputes and others that impede the progress of the project and its completion to the fullest.

Indirect processes (the subject of our study) are divided into four sections in terms of information leading to their emergence
1-Precautionary processes
These are the procedures that are taken to Avoid Risks, reduce their Impact on the project, Reduce Obstacles, Cross Thresholds, Confront Issues, and its can also be Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution.


Refers to reprisals not involving the use of force

In other words, it refers to non-violent acts which are illegal in themselves, but become legal when executed by someone in response to the commission of an earlier illegal act by another towards the former

3-Corrective Actions

Corrective action is an aspect of quality management that aims to correct a task, process, product, or even person’s behavior when errors occur or deviation from plan occurs. These patches can be seen as improvements to eliminate unwanted results

4-Active Measures
This type is famous for its dark processes that rely on Counterfeiting information and overturning facts, for control and possession
In this research, we will address the indirect procedures, as they are more challenges and threats to projects, and require great skills and experience to deal with them, ward off their risks, and reduce their impact on the time, cost, and quality of the project.

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