Trauma Healing Practitioner Level Two [Accredited]

Unlocking Deeper Healing: Advanced Techniques & Insights for Trauma Care


Advance your journey in the profound realm of trauma healing with our Level Two Accredited Course. This comprehensive module is meticulously designed for those ready to delve into trauma healing’s deeper complexities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Advanced neurological insights into trauma responses and the transformative potential of neuroplasticity.
  • Mastery over identifying and managing diverse complex traumas.
  • Expertise in leading-edge therapeutic tools, from somatic methodologies to trauma-informed mindfulness.
  • Ethical proficiency, ensuring sensitive and integrative trauma care.


  • Level One completion or equivalent foundational understanding.
  • Basic therapeutic communication skills.
  • Secure internet connection and a device.
  • A willingness for introspective self-reflection.
  • Access to reading materials.
  • A confidential environment for exercises and practice.

Who This Course is For:

  • Intermediate trauma healing practitioners.
  • Mental health professionals.
  • Passionate learners on trauma healing journeys.
  • Support workers, first responders, legal professionals, HR personnel, spiritual and community leaders, and art therapists.
  • Educators, coaches, and anyone keen on understanding trauma’s intricate narratives.

*Recieve Course Book Upon Enrollment*

  • Upon course completion, be ready to immerse in a transformative realm, armed with knowledge and techniques that promise to make a profound difference in the lives of trauma survivors. Whether refining professional expertise or fuelling personal passion, this course will be your touchstone in trauma care. Congratulations in advance on this pivotal step in your journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Trauma Healing Practitioners: Those who’ve completed Level One or a similar foundational course and are eager to delve deeper into trauma healing’s complexities.
  • Mental Health Professionals: Psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers looking to expand their therapeutic toolkit, specialize further in trauma care, or update their knowledge on the latest techniques and approaches.
  • Passionate Learners: Individuals deeply committed to understanding trauma’s intricacies, whether to aid in personal healing, support loved ones, or consider a future professional path in trauma care.
  • Support Workers & Advocates: Professionals working in related fields, like domestic violence shelters, crisis centers, or refugee aid organizations, who interact with trauma survivors and seek a more profound understanding to better assist and empathize.
  • Educators & Coaches: Teachers, coaches, and mentors wanting a deeper grasp of trauma to recognize signs in students or mentees and guide them with sensitivity and understanding.
  • Human Resource Professionals: Those in HR roles can use this course to create trauma-informed workplaces, handle sensitive issues with empathy, and support employees facing personal challenges.
  • Spiritual Leaders: Pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, and other religious figures can use this knowledge to counsel members of their community with trauma histories, offering guidance that respects both spiritual and psychological needs.
  • Community Leaders & Activists: Individuals championing social causes or leading community groups will find this course useful to understand community trauma, especially in marginalized or oppressed groups, and work towards collective healing.
  • Art Therapists & Creative Professionals: Artists, writers, and therapists using creative methods can deepen their understanding of trauma narratives, ensuring therapeutic practices are trauma-sensitive and truly healing.

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