TOEFL Exam Simulation Workshop

TOEFL Exam Simulation Workshop

You’re Just Clicks Away from Achieving Your TOEFL iBT 100+ Score!

What you’ll learn
  • Reading Section Simulation Test
  • Writing Section Simulation Test
  • Speaking Section Simulation Test
  • Listening Section Simulation Test
  • Open mindedness
  • And … desire to improve your own TOEFL score

To prepare for the TOEFL iBT you don’t need to hire expensive tutors and/or attend offline courses. Research has shown that online learning is better with an exam like the TOEFL which is actually an “online exam”.

During the TOEFL exam you will need to answer 100+ questions in approximately 4 hours.

And, heading to the exam room without knowing what it looks like is similar experience to driving in the city without previously taking test lessons.

You panic!

You make careless mistakes!

That is why we made sure that your TOEFL simulator can test you under the same exam conditions, with realistic exam-like questions so you won’t be caught off guard on your exam day.

The Workshop is divided into three important areas:

  1. Strategic Video Lessons
  2. Mock Practice Tests … and
  3. Feedback on “What You’ve Learned”

Would you like to get started with your TOEFL? Simply enrol now!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone willing to improve their own TOEFL score


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