The Ultimate Veganism course

The Ultimate Veganism course

Make a healthy and easy transition to the Vegan lifestyle, while learning how to cook !

What you’ll learn

  • How to become vegan.
  • All About the Vegan diet and Nutrition.
  • About Protein and important vitamins.
  • The vegan lifestyle outside of the diet
  • How to cook a variety of Vegan dishes and desserts !
  • To Save money on making homemade Seitan packed with high amounts of protein.
  • About vegan fabrics and textiles, to stay fashionable.
  • To be the ultimate environmentalist by reducing your carbon footprint up to 75% through veganism.
  • How a non-vegan diet has such a negative impact on the Planet.
  • A greater and deeper understanding about veganism and the choices behind it.
  • The Ethical Reasons involving animals.
  • About Animal agriculture, entertainment and sport.
  • Amazing health benefits, and how Veganism helps prevent and fight disease.
  • How to make an easy and healthy transition, that will be sustainable and enjoyable for you !
  • And how to do the absolute best for the Animals, the Environment and yourself.


  • No requirements are needed to take this course. We will start from the very basics, so you do not need to have any prior knowledge. An interest would certainly be beneficial.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in the Vegan diet and/or Lifestyle
  • Vegetarians
  • Meat eaters
  • Pescitarians
  • Enviormentalists
  • Health enthusiasts
  • Vegans
  • Animal lovers
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