The Difficulties of Leadership in the Digital Age

The essential skills to inspire, guide and engage today’s digital workforce


Do you think leadership in the digital age has gotten more difficult?

This is a new online version of our course, The Difficulties and Imperatives of Leadership in the Digital Age, that can help all people in leadership or management positions.

With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace and a new generation of digital natives entering the workforce, it can be tough to ensure your team is engaged and successful. This course will provide you an overview of the importance of a business model adapted to today’s work environment. You will reach an understanding of the impact that digitalization is having in the business culture, and you will also learn essential skills to adapt your leadership style to inspire, guide and engage a workforce that grew up with the huge level of engagement in video games, social networks, and online communities.

An engaging and practical course delivered in English with captions available in English and Spanish.

We have designed this course using our Learn – See – Do – Extend methodology, aimed at facilitating a faster assimilation of the course concepts:

  • Learn – to understand the theory and mechanics behind each aspect of the methodology.
  • See – to observe real world applications, examples and case studies related to each aspect of the methodology.
  • Do – to apply the different aspects of the methodology during exercises and work groups.
  • Extend – to identify and support the possibilities for real-world applications of the methodology specific to each person’s current needs.

Who this course is for:

  • Executive education for managers, middle managers, and top-level executives of any organization
  • Leaders or those who hire leaders for their organization
  • Customer service managers and customer experience practitioners
  • Operations, HR, IT, CRM
  • Head of Distribution, Head of Sales, Marketing, & Product Development

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