The Complete NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Course: Art and Tech

The Complete NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Course: Art and Tech

Learn everything about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – Step-by-Step Master the NFT Art Business – Create & Master NFTs

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to make (mint), buy and sell your own NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • Learn the investing and the creation side of NFTs and new opportunities
  • Gain a clear understanding of how NFTs are useful for artists, businesses, musicians, content creators and technology
  • Ethereum, WAX, Cardano & more on Blockchain
  • How to use OpenSea
  • What is the NFT marketplace
  • Set up A Crypto Wallet (MetaMask)
  • Differences between Hosted, Desktop and Hardware Wallets
  • How To Use Coinbase
  • How To Use Gemini
  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
  • CryptoKitties
  • NFTs In The Gaming Industry
  • Dapper Labs and The NBA Topshot NFTs
  • Top selling NFTs From Beeple to The Nyan Cat
  • Rarible
  • SuperRare
  • The Carbon Footprint Of NFTs
  • Horse Racing with NFTs
  • Copyright Protection with NFTs
  • How To Code A Basic NFT Contract
  • Smart Contracts
  • The History Of NFTs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Interplanetary File System (IPFS)
  • Add royalties to NFTs
  • Auction NFTs
  • Add metadata & unlockable content to NFTs
  • Etherscan
  • Create a collection to store digital items
  • Digitalize art
  • NFTs for musicians
  • NFT security and copyright for artists & collectors
  • Animate an NFT from scratch
  • Code a basic NFT contract
  • Learn about CryptoPunks
  • NFT 3D worlds and Decentraland
  • Colored Coins & the history of NFTs


  • This course is fully accessible without any requirements necessary

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in making or learning about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • Artists and Art Galleries interested in learning about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • Content Creators interested in NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • All Businesses Interested In Exploring NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) & DeFi
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