The complete guide of creating Wix Website in 2020

The complete guide of creating Wix Website in 2020

Learn to create Amazing looking Website | Easily with WIX | Easy course to learn Wix | Ultimate guide of Web Design
What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn the easy way of creating website without any problems and coding

  • What is WIX

  • Terminology to understand in Websites

  • Learn the structure of Website

  • Things requires to have an amazing website

  • Getting Started with Wix

  • Wix ADI vs Wix Editor

  • How to choose right design in your wix website

  • Understanding Wix Editor

  • How to create blank template in your wix website

  • Wix premium and it’s advantages

  • How to change and customize background in your wix website

  • How to create Menu in your wix website

  • How to create or Insert logo in your wix website

  • How to add social media to your wix website

  • How to add call to action button in your wix website

  • How to use Anchor menu in your wix website

  • How to create About us Section in wix website

  • How to create service section in wix website

  • How to create contact form in wix website

  • How to add map in your wix website

  • How to create team section in your wix website

  • How to create footer in your wix website

  • Customizing Anchor in the wix website

  • How to create blog in wix

  • How to add Google Analytics

  • How to make money from wix

  • How to make Wix website SEO friendly

  • How to make wix website mobo friendly
  • Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Willingness to learn

Do you want to have your own website but find it very confusing and intimidating, to create one?

Well then, you have found the perfect Wix course for yourself.

In this Wix tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create your Wix Website from absolutely scratch to extraordinarily performing and stunning looking Website- and all that without complex programming codes. Thanks to Wix.

Firstly, I’ll make you familiar with the basics of Web Design, in which we’ll discuss the structure of a website like Header, Footer and Body, and then we’ll learn some basic terminologies, for example: Call to Action, Uptime, SEO etc.

After that we’ll set things up like creating an account in Wix, choosing the right category and knowing the difference between Wix ADI and Wix Editor.

As we know Wix provides more than hundreds of templates, I’ll help you to choose one, that suits best to your needs and I’ll start from a blank template, so that it would be more customizable, you can do this too.

Then we’ll understand the dashboard of our Wix Website, this is the place from where we’ll be making some significant changes to our website. After that we’ll learn how to add your domain name to your website but in order to do that, we must upgrade to premium version of Wix (I have even covered that too !)

Then we’ll customize the background using free images and videos. Next Step would be to create Website-Menu, so that the visitors could access all the pages hassle-free.

Every brand is uniquely recognized by its logo, that’s why we’ll also create and add a logo in our Website. Next comes then, adding our other social media platforms with our website which would help our visitor to connect with us on other platforms. Call to Action is also very important feature, if we want our visitors to spend more time on our website. And for that we’ll add digital buttons with different functions. Then, using Wix Stripes, we’ll add multiple pages like Contact Form, Maps, Footer, Team etc.

After that, we’ll see how to add blog in our Wix website and learn to manage posts and customize them. Now our Wix website is structured. But we haven’t made it Mobile friendly yet. That could lead to a loss of huge traffic. So we’ ll make our Wix Website Mobile-responsive.

Now we have created a wonderful website, but what is its use, if nobody could ever find it.

So we’ll work on SEO system of our Wix website, which would help us to rank better in search results.

Our Website is now live and performing wonderful, more and more visitors are coming on it. But wait, how would know that?

That’s why, we’ll link our website with Google Analytics, which will help us to track each and every detail of our website and helps to answer questions like:

The number of visits our website gets daily, weekly, monthly or the average time a visitor spends on our website or which page gets the most number of visits and many more.

Now that, you’ve learned a great skill in this Wix course, I’ll tell you to, how you can use it to make money for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for……ENROLL NOW !

Who this course is for:
  • Who wants to learn Wix without coding
  • Digital Marketers
  • Photographers
  • Visual Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Musicians
  • Everyone who needs to showcase their Services on Web


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