The Complete Chess Endgame course for Beginners

The Complete Chess Endgame course for Beginners

Turbocharge your endgame skills with this simple, fun and easy to learn course! Suited for Unrated till 1600 rating!

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Chess Endgames
  • The power of minor pieces and the King in endgames
  • How to win and draw positions that seem lost in the endgames
  • Holding onto a draw in difficult endgame positions


  • Should know the full rules of Chess (including Stalemate, Checkmate etc.)
  • Nice to know basic tactics like Pin, Fork, Skewer etc.
  • Nice to have a partner who knows chess to practice with

Who this course is for:

  • Unrated to 1600 rated players who are looking to sharpen their endgame skills
  • Chess students who have never learnt anything about endgames
  • Intermediate players learning to add endgame skills to their arsenal


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