The Book of James: Keys to a living faith & life application

Understanding the true depth and scope of wisdom, trials, the law, faith and works, poverty and wealth.


A wisdom letter dealing with issues relating to the true depth and scope of wisdom, trials, the law, faith and works, poverty and wealth.

It brings greetings to the true and original Diaspora.

  • It speaks of our reactions and responses to trials, tests, tribulation, trauma and temptations (1:2-18).
  • It reflects on the testing of our faith; not of our person’s but of our faith (1:2-12).
  • It discloses the source of Temptation (1:13-18) and the consequences one way or another of
  • listening to and doing the Word of God (1:19-27).
  • Declares favoritism of any stripe( particularly of the rich over the poor) not only forbidden but a sin (2:1-13).
  • Makes it abundantly clear that faith must go hand in glove with deeds or it becomes in terms a nullity (2:14-26)
  • It gives disquisitive teaching on Taming the Tongue (3:1-12).
  • Discloses and discusses two Kinds of Wisdom (3:13-18)
  • Gives a stern warning against worldliness and carnality. (ch. 4)
  • Opposes and shows the ugly face of quarrelsomeness and cantankerousness. (4:1-3).
  • Gives a very tough denunciation of spiritual unfaithfulness (4:4)
  • Gives a discourse on the deleterious effect of Pride (4:5-10);
  • Slander (4:11-12) and
  • Boasting (4:13-17).

Severe and sternly prophetic warnings are given to rich oppressors down through the ages


It concludes with easily catalogable though miscellaneous exhortations (5:7-20), concerning patience in suffering (5:7-11), oath-taking or making (5:12); concerning the Prayer of Faith (5:13-18); concerning those who wander from the Truth (5:19-20).

The Holy Spirit speaks through the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

His life-giving expression comes through each verse, and we are changed by receiving the Word of God.

The book of James is rich with life-changing revelation, a feast to strengthen you and keep you on course. We thank God that this book is included in our Bibles for it gives us an understanding of the power of faith to produce good works. Faith works!

Who this course is for:

  • Sunday school teacher
  • Anyone seeking the truth about God
  • New or growing believers
  • Bible study enthusiast
  • Youth Leaders

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