Stock Options Strategy: The CROC trade (low risk, pro level)

MYOPTIONSEDGE: A consistent and amazing strategy for monthly income VXX using options, protected from Vol explosions!


Important Note: I am a serious instructor and a profitable options trader, as you can check by my performance at myoptionsedge. com. Udemy is full of instructors! But, unfortunately, most are only instructors and not real traders who transparently share their trading results like I do! And you can access my Options Trading Community for FREE.


You should enroll in this course if you:

1. … bought an Udemy stock options course, but you feel it is theoretical or does not teach you a proper and proven strategy

2. … have basic options knowledge and need a proper strategy to apply it in the market

3. … lack consistency trading stocks, forex or even stock options (derivatives)

4. … are not profitable scalping stocks (or using stock swing trading approach)

5. … use technical analysis that is not producing positive results

6. … use trading indicators and they deliver non-profitable signals

7. … shorted volatility and it produced huge drawdowns in a Volatility spike

8. … are willing to start trading with a proper trading plan (clear entry and exit instructions / pure mechanical)

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What students are saying:

Darrin Vincent: “Everyone should take this course. It’s an awesome strategy and it works. Good reward and limited risk.”

Kirk: “This is a really creative way of playing with verticals at your benefit. Nice add-on with backtests of this strategy in low and high volatility environment. I think Mr Branco does a really good job explaining his strategies. This is what separates a pure instructor from a trader who became an instructor! “


**** To be clear: this course is NOT for people who want to learn about stock options! You have very good free and paid courses at Udemy! This course will teach you an applied options strategy and to profit from it with proven market edge, clear guidelines and proper money management! ****

After the success of the other 2 courses, some students encouraged me to develop another options trading strategy that would limit upside volatility risk, but also gathers the price decay of VXX! And after some research months and inputs from some students, here the new Croc Trade version with increased profitability and clearer management guidelines!

This course teaches an intermediate options trading technique based on VXX! It is advisable that students, at a minimum, understand the principles of delta and theta (option greeks). This is a new options strategy that I developed based on my past experience on SPX options spreads but, applicable in a defensive way to VXX. As you know, I quit trading stocks, stock options and forex several years ago and now specialized on this asset!

Due to its construction, there is no need to monitor it daily!

This options course starts with the volatility analysis fundamentals and how volatility (especially VXX) products behave and then moves to the presentation of the options trading strategy, its rules, including its rationale and dynamics and how to adjust as time passes and according to price behavior.

After this course, you will have access to a very consistent and profitable options strategy, that you can apply to generate a monthly income!

This options technique, due to its construction, is not taught on options trading books!

The “Croc Trade v2.0” (named it due to its shape), has all any options volatility trader want in a trade:

1. Limited risk to the upside (self-hedged against volatility sudden spikes)!

2. Has a controlled risk on the downside;

3. Benefits from VXX price decay (due to contango and roll yield)

4. Benefits from options time decay (Theta positive)

5. Low delta sensitivity, compared to the other strategies

6. Highly consistent!

The strategy can be used in IRA accounts.


Course content:

  • My Background / Experience
  • Price Action: VIX® Index vs Stock
  • Why Volatility investing is much more interesting
  • Volatility trading risks (and how to control them)
  • Instruments of Volatility Trading
  • VIX® futures Term Structure
  • Contango, Backwardation and Roll Yield
  • Strategy characteristics / presentation
  • Strategy dynamics
  • Options Trading Rules
  • Trade Management


All future course updates will be for free as well as email support for any questions that may arise.

This options technique is a very good diversification method when applying the other strategies presented using the same asset, VXX (Short and Mid Term) as a hedge.

This course is for you if:

a) you are trading stocks, forex, stock options (derivatives) or even volatility products and not achieving desired results;

b) you already enrolled in any other Udemy basic options course and want to learn a profitable trading strategy

c) fed up with technical analysis, stock price patterns, indicators that do not deliver results.

ENROLL NOW and start to earn money today!

This options management style can be implemented with a minimum suggested account value of USD1.500 that will be almost fully invested.

Options are derivatives and could be stock options that have stock as their base asset. In this case, we trade a derivative, which is volatility! We are trading derivatives of a derivative!

This options trading approach is targeting investors who want to learn a more advanced strategy, improve their learning curve, and add a new consistent, and profitable methodology that would increase their wealth and diversify risk.


Stock trading, forex trading, or even stock options (derivatives) trading involves risk. Be aware that not all of the trades will be winners; the goal is to be profitable in the long term!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that already enrolled in other Udemy theoretical options courses and now want to learn a proven and real strategy
  • Anyone interested to learn more advanced options trading strategies
  • Anyone that is passionate about trading like I am
  • Anyone interested to stop loosing money on stock or forex trading
  • Anyone interested to earn money (have an extra income)
  • Anyone interested in increasing knowledge in options trading, especially on volatility products

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