Teach English Online for Fun & Profit

Teach English Online for Fun & Profit

The complete guide for anyone who wants to start a career teaching English online

What you’ll learn

  • Have a clear understanding of the online teaching world.
  • Be a successful Online ESL teacher
  • A catalog of online ESL schools, with their contact details, application procedures, and pay rates.
  • How to get the right equipment needed to teach English online. I will give you advice and examples of affordable and reliable webcams, headsets, and other equipment.
  • Build your teaching space. I will give you awesome ideas on how to prepare your space and background wall with many examples.
  • Learn about pay: Average hourly pay, how to receive your money, and Bonuses.
  • How to maximize your earnings, and other earning opportunities.
  • Understand the different schedules involved in online teaching such as fixed schedules, flexible schedules, and freelancing platforms.
  • Resources to help create fun and engaging online lessons for your online students. I will show you examples of props & other materials that will make your classes great.
  • Using software tools for interactive online teaching.
  • Online Teaching Games. We will talk about how games can make your classes awesome and I will give you videos of me using educational games with a real student.
  • How To prepare the perfect CV. I have included an awesome CV template specifically designed for an online teacher.
  • Avoid making common mistakes in the application process.
  • Successfully prepare for an online teaching job interview.
  • Master an online teaching demo class. I will give you tips and suggestions Plus a video of me doing a demo class.
  • How to stay connected and network after you get hired to take advantage of future opportunities.


  • Be able to speak English fluently

Who this course is for:

  • Digital nomads
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • College Students
  • People looking for a new career
  • Anyone that wants to work from home
  • Ex classroom teachers
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