Table Tennis for Beginner [ From Zero To Hero ]

Table Tennis for Beginner [ From Zero To Hero ]

Discover The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Table Tennis in amusement. Fun. Simple. Supportive. #mental model

What you’ll learn

  • An introduction of basic techniques like forehand drive, forehand push, backhand drive, backhand push, footwork

  • Why are these techniques are important in Table Tennis

  • How to play table tennis in the beginning stage
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When BBC news reports that The Inactivity ‘kills more than obesity’, most of you are scared of having a shorter lifespan. However, instead of finding it scary, you should find a sport you passionate to learn as normal exercise. Table Tennis is always on of your top choice as it is

  1. A safe and no contact sport but good for eye-hand coordination, mental alertness and speed of movement.

  2. Easy to get on hand and strategic

  3. A sociable sport for any ranges of ages

Before you decide to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on some table tennis “guru’s”, save yourself time and money by learning vital foundational knowledge here first. If you want to learn the basic techniques to speed up that process for you, then this course will get you started on the right foot.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you’ve EVER wanted to know:

The base position and basic footwork in table tennis

How to hold a racket correctly

The technique of Forehand push

The technique of Forehand drive

The technique of Backhand push

The technique of Backhand drive

If you said YES to any of the above, then this course is definitely for you.

What makes this course different from the rest of the Table Tennis courses out there?

We aim to make it as SIMPLE, FUN and SUPPORTIVE as possible.

Simple : The mental models is a thinking toolkit helping you understand the concept better. Throughout the courses, we will use the rules of 8/2 , The First Principles, The map is not in its territory and other models to explain the basic techniques in table tennis. This will help you remember some key points faster.

Fun : By demonstrating life-related analogies from ****some of the techniques, they make you easier to replicate the correct postures.

Supportive : The Q and A section will be held in FB group. If you have any questions, you can ask in the FB group.

I have already some background, what could I learn from your course?

As Gordon B Hinckley says “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure. ” Unless you are already familiar and experienced with the basic techniques and along way to the advanced level, you’ll benefit from this course.

Can you make me one of the best players in my country by taking this course?

No way! Not just from taking the course, anyway. Anyone who promises you that is selling snake oil.

If you take my course AND continuously practice what you learned, then you have a chance at of the the best players.

What I can guarantee is that you will leave with some basic concepts and techniques.

What will I be able to do after I take your course?

After taking my course, you will be:

• Able to confidently practice table tennis by using what you have learned throughout the course.

• Able to find Table Tennis easier to pick up

Best of all, there is absolutely ZERO risk. This platform gives you a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you get what you pay for.

So go ahead and sign up.

I hope to see you inside.

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who wants to play Table Tennis but do not know where to start


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